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Spinning Package SSVSpinning Packages
Reel, Rod, Tackle Box,
Rod Holder. 20lb test line

Penn Spinfisher 650SSM

Penn Spinfisher SSV 6500

  Spinning Rod & ReelSpinning Rod & Reels
Reel, Rod,  20lb test line
Penn Spinfisher SSV6500

Trolling PackageTrolling Packages
Reel, Rod, Tackle Box,
Rod Holder, Gaff. 50lb test line
(80lb test line for 50VW)
Penn Senator 114H

Penn Senator 9/0 115L2

Penn International 50VW
  Trolling Rod & Reels

Reel, Rod,  50lb test line
(80lb test line for 50VW)

Penn Senator 115L2

Penn International 50VW
Spinning RodRod only
From $29/week
Spinning Rod

Trolling Rod


Free Delivery on orders of $75+

We have a full selection of lures,

fish ID cards / books for sale.

Gaff Gaff
Aluminum w/ Stainless Hook
From $16/week
  Rod Holder Stainless Steel Rod holder
Adjustable for horizontal or vertical position

From $25/week
BVI Guide to Recreational Fishing (Click Here)
Securing the Rod to the Rod Holder (Click Here)


The deep blue and crystal clear shallows found in the BVI offer some of the best fishing in the Caribbean. Sport fishers can reel in a trophy sized Blue Marlin, Yellow and Black Fin Tuna, Wahoo, and Dolphin. Light tackle, inshore fishing can be very active also, hooking onto Dolphin, Barracuda, Kingfish, and Wahoo, and that’s what you'll yell when you hook into one of these hard fighting fish caught on light tackle. The BVI is home to the famous North Drop above Tortola, which claims the highest number of Blue Marlin strikes per day of anywhere in the World. And then there’s the schools of Wahoo, Dolphin Fish, Tuna, Sailfish, White Marlin and Kingfish that hungrily feed around the Islands. There is excellent bone fishing in the BVI particularly on Anegada. Other BVI locations are not as vast as Anegada’s miles of reef. There is a small but accessible spot west of the Beef Island bridge While sailing, you can drag a line to catch surface feeding fish such as Spanish mackerel, kingfish (also called king mackerel) or tuna. Barracuda may be poisonous and should always be returned.

At anchor, or from the shore, drop in a line for yellowtail snapper or triggerfish along with kingfish. These fish are commonly caught by local fishermen using fishing traps. Get advice on distinguishing the yellowtail snapper from grunts, which they resemble. There are three types of triggerfish: the black one is poisonous, the dark one is used commercially and the yellow one is the rare and exotic queen triggerfish which should be released. While quite distinct to knowledgeable eyes, the triggerfish has a lot of “cousins” from filefish, trunkfish, boxfish – all with odd shapes and some very poisonous.
We caution people against eating most species of fish.  There is a toxin, which can cause ‘fish poisoning’ if ingested.  The name is ciguatera. In general, to be safe, catch-and-release is advised, although tuna, mahi-mahi, kingfish and Wahoo can be considered safe to eat.

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